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Connect with Modus QA at one of our upcoming events!

Winter Institute of Medical Physics

Participants ​present ​talks ​sharing ​their ​scientific, ​educational ​and ​professional ​experience

February 20 - 24, 2016

Beaver Run Resort and Conference Center
620 Village Road
Breckenridge, Colorado
Connect with Modus QA at WIMP

SPIE Medical Imaging

The conference where the science of medical imaging is explored and presented

February 27 - March 03, 2016

Town & Country Resort and Convention Center
500 Hotel Circle North
San Diego, California
Connect with Modus QA at SPIE

AAPM Spring Meeting

Integrating emerging technologies into the clinical environment

March 05 - 08, 2016

The Grand America Hotel
555 Main Street
Salt Lake City, Utah
Connect with Modus QA at AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting


April 29 - May 03, 2016

Turin, Italy
Connect with Modus QA at ESTRO 35

ISMRM 24th Annual Meeting

May 07 - 13, 2016

Suntec City, Singapore
Connect with Modus QA at ISMRM

18th ICCR Conference

June 27 - 30, 2016

Imperial College London, UK
Connect with Modus QA at ICCR