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MP Body Inserts

A flexible QA tool designed to perform both dosimetric and nondosimetric tests on radiotherapy systems, the QUASAR™ Multi-Purpose Body Phantom incorporates a wide variety of test objects in a solid acrylic housing.

Characterized by its adaptability to on-going advances in QA technology, the QUASAR™ Multi-Purpose Body Phantom offers a broad range of applications for modern radiotherapy clinics:

Non-dosimetric test capabilities:

  • Geometric accuracy of 2D images and 3D image reconstructions
  • 2D and 3D measurement tools including volume calculation accuracy
  • Automatic, semi-automatic and manual boundary identification tools
  • Auto-margining tools
  • Representation and manipulation of contoured patient anatomy
  • Dose volume histograms
  • Conversion of CT numbers to relative electron densities
  • Comparison of display on simulators, RTPS and other imaging workstations
  • Image transfer, storage, retrieval, DICOM tools on all workstations

Dosimetric measurement capabilities:

  • Verify dosimetry calculations with Ion Chamber measurements; compatible with Ion Chambers from major suppliers
  • Measure in low or high dose areas with multiple measurement locations throughout the phantom
  • Perform homogeneous density measurements with blank acrylic rods and inserts
  • Use inhomogeneous inserts to test density corrections in an idealized near anthropomorphic geometry

Key Features

  • Dosimetric and nondosimetric tests for end-to-end RT system testing
  • Published pass/fail criteria for a number of tests in the TG 53 and TG 66 Reports
  • Interchange inserts quickly and easily
  • Used for IMRT, IGRT, VMAT, SRS and Tomotherapy
  • Converts to an IGRT gating phantom with the addition of the QUASAR™ Respiratory Motion Assembly

As technology evolves, so does the range of standard inserts for the QUASAR™ Multi-Purpose Body Phantom, offering more complex QA capabilities:

  • 27 cc acrylic cube within a 125 cc Delrin cube, within an 8 cm diameter by 12 cm long acrylic cylinder
  • 20° air wedge (40 cc) within an 8 cm diameter by 12 cm long acrylic cylinder including two Delrin rods; 5 mm diameter and 10 mm diameter by 5 cm long
  • 60° air wedge in 8 cm diameter by 12 cm long acrylic cylinder including three Delrin spheres; 40 mm, 20 mm and 10 mm diameter
  • 2 cedar inserts and 2 solid acrylic inserts 8 cm diameter by 12 cm long
  • 1 Ion Chamber Holder 2 cm diameter by 18 cm long drilled to match Ion Chamber
  • 1 Bone equivalent (B 100) rod, 2 cm diameter by 12 cm long
  • 5 Electron Density rods, 3 cm diameter by 2 cm long; Lung (Inhale), Polyethylene, Water Equivalent, Inner Bone, Dense Bone


Spatial Resolution/Slice Profile Insert

The optional spatial resolution and slice profile insert is a cost-­effective tool designed to carry out important CT scanner QA functions. The acrylic insert contains an array of holes to measure line pair resolution and an aluminum plate at a 45˚ angle to measure slice profile. Use of the optional insert allows integration of CT scanner QA with radiotherapy QA, thereby saving time and effort. The versatile nature of the Multi-­Purpose Body Phantom’s design means that the body oval stays in place while only a quick change of inserts is required to prepare the phantom for the new set of tests.

Additional Inserts

Convert any optional QUASAR™ Respiratory Motion Phantom Insert to a stationary QUASAR™ Multi-Purpose Body Phantom insert by using the MP Insert Adapter.

Add Gating Capabilities
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Add Gating Capabilities

The QUASAR™ Multi-Purpose Body Phantom can also be easily converted into an IGRT Gating Phantom by adding the programmable QUASAR™ Respiratory Motion Assembly, thereby offering a cost-effective way to increase overall testing capabilities.

QUASAR™ Respiratory Motion Rotation Stage
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QUASAR™ Respiratory Motion Rotation Stage

Adds non-linear motion to the QUASAR™ Respiratory Motion Phantom to enable inserts to rotate as they translate.



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