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Preview: this product is currently a works-in-progress (WIP) and is for preview purposes only. The product has entered the production process but is not yet finished market testing. Please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be notified when the item is available for purchase.

DCE PreviewCalibrate Dynamic Contrast Enhanced CT (DCE-CT) measurements for cross-platform and multi-institutional comparisons. DCE-CT is increasingly evaluated for treatment response assessment and is routinely used for cancer imaging and staging.

Contrast agent (Iodine) injections lead to a large range of density values in vessels of different size and orientation. These variables, although important, are not fully tested with current QA techniques. The QUASAR™ Dynamic Contrast Enhanced CT (DCE-CT) system, consisting of a phantom and automated image analysis software, is the only comprehensive product available in the market to quantify and calibrate the CT number linearity for densities applicable to iodine injections. This makes possible the quantification of DCE-CT values independent of scan parameters (mAs, kV), machine, manufacturer, and DCE software. The system is designed with daily, monthly, and annual CT calibration of DCE-CT measurements in mind.

Key Features

  • Quantify sensitivity and accuracy of DCE-CT measurements
  • Compare DCE-CT results from multiple vendors
  • Contrast multi-institutional studies
  • Analyze multiple vessel diameters and orientations
  • Verify motion induced changes in DCE-CT measurements
  • Calibrate your scanner daily, monthly and annually
  • Automated image analysis software included with phantom

The QUASAR™ DCE-CT phantom contains capsules of different diameter (1, 2, 5, and 10 mm) and orientation (0˚, 45˚, and 90˚) to mimic the diversity of blood vessels in the body.

The capsules are solid materials of different densities used to model different concentrations of iodine contrast agents. No liquid solutions are required; therefore, no evaporation will occur providing a stable phantom for long term reproducible QA.

An optional motion platform is available to quantify the effect of motion on DCE-CT acquisitions.


Automated image analysis software is used to determine volume definition, spatial resolution, and MTF.

DCE-CT Screen Shot

The software plots the change in CT number vs vessel size and orientation for calibration of DCE-CT measurements. It is compatible with all recent Windows operating systems including the latest Windows 8.


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