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Modus QA Updates MRI Geometric Distortion QA Analysis System

LONDON, Ontario ― July 27, 2016 ― Modus QA today updated QUASAR™ MRID3D with faster isocenter detection, improved fiducial markers, convenient alignment crosshairs and additional visualization tools, making the fastest, lightweight, large field of view MRgRT QA Phantom better than ever. Featuring an acrylic hollow twin cylinder wall enclosure, QUASAR™ MRID3D now contains 1,502 precisely machined fiducial markers with 6 larger central reference fiducials for robust detection when imaging SNR is low or distortion is high i.e. while vendor geometric distortion correction is turned off. QUASAR™ MRID3D uses a sophisticated 3D DICOM Viewer with ROI selector, which takes geometric distortion analysis to a higher level with the ability to update charts and graphs in real-time to gain further insights.  The ergonomic phantom is designed with built-in 3 point contact feet for quick set-up on uneven surfaces and integrated handles for convenient handling: QUASAR™ MRID3D is the future of MRgRT QA.

“QUASAR™ MRID3D will be the number one choice for MRgRT QA of next generation LINACs with its quick and easy set-up, fast scan times, simple workflow and rapid calculations of results” said John Miller, president of Modus QA. “Medical physicists around the world are going to appreciate this update to QUASAR™ MRID3D, with the enhanced workflow efficiency, real-time analysis, interactive statistical graphics, enriched analysis tools all in a phantom with a visually stunning clear acrylic finish.”

The updated QUASAR™ MRID3D features enriched analysis tools making it easier to examine the geometric distortion measurements of a single acquisition or compare the distortion among a collection of images. Interactive statistical graphics empower users to explore, discover, summarize and visualize quantitative data in the way they see fit to form conclusions and make decisions.  Now with automated processes to identify location of Control Points, calculate Distortion Vector Fields, quantify Geometric Distortion and produce Statistical Analysis, QUASAR™ MRID3D is the perfect phantom for MRI QA.

QUASAR™ MRID3D comes with easy-to-use image analysis software to perform complex calculations and execute elegant algorithms to calculate the phantom Boundary Distortion Vector Field, Volumetric 3D Distortion Vector Field and B0 Distortion vs Gradient Distortion.  Following the introduction of custom settings, the QUASAR™ MRID3D analysis software feature list continues to grow, giving users added flexibility and capabilities to display data their way by adjusting threshold settings, regions of interest, image viewer properties, graphic display resolution, plot line colours and database configurations.


QUASAR™ MRID3D Geometric Distortion Analysis System is available through ModusQA.com, and Modus QA authorized distributors. The 21 kg pre-filled QUASAR™ MRID3D acrylic phantom measuring 39.4 cm diameter by 39.1 cm long comes complete and ready to use with analysis software for quantifying geometric distortion MR images in 3D.

For more information visit: http://modusQA.com/mrid3d

Founded in 2000, Modus Medical Devices Inc. develops and manufactures cost-effective and innovative quality assurance tools for advanced radiotherapy and medical imaging. Today, there are over 3,250 QUASAR™ phantoms being used in more than 1,900 leading treatment centres throughout the world.

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