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New White Paper Publication – QUASAR MRID3D

The QUASAR™ MRID3D is a lighter, larger and more efficient way to quantify MRI geometric distortion in 3D. This industry-leading distortion analysis system provides sub-millimeter accuracy and is trusted globally by medical physicists for third-party MR-SIM and MR-LINAC commissioning and quality assurance.

Our recently published White Paper reviews the factors which affect MRI Geometric Image Distortion, as well as the tools that can be used to quantify distortion. The White Paper also presents a recommended method for measuring a full 3D distortion vector field using a lighter weight, large field of view hollow boundary phantom utilizing the harmonic analysis approach to achieve sub-millimeter accuracy.

Modus QA – White Paper – MRID3D

Modus QA will be presenting our recently published QUASAR™ MRID3D White Paper at this year’s 2021 AAPM Virtual Spring Clinical Meeting.