DeskCAT™ Optical CT Scanner for Biophysics Education

DeskCAT™ is a state-of-the-art multi-slice optical CT scanner designed for educators requiring a safe and hands-on approach to teaching medical imaging in a classroom or laboratory setting.

The portable optical CT scanner is capable of performing real-time acquisition, reconstruction, and display of 3D CT images. DeskCAT™ comes complete with a variety of phantoms, up to 20 hours of lab exercises and an unlimited software license.

The safest way to demonstrate:
Acquisition: Projection images (analogous to digital radiography) of a translucent object, detector characteristics, multiple projection angles for CT reconstruction, fan and cone beam geometry.
Image Review: Pre-treatment of projection images for CT reconstruction, filtering, sinograms.
Reconstruction: Feldkamp back projection, variable resolution and voxel dimensions, image data management.
3D Image: Interact with the reconstructed image, demonstrate artifacts, adjust contrast (level, window).


User-Friendly Software

The DeskCAT™ software makes it easy for students to learn about the principles of medical imaging in a classroom or laboratory environment by enabling students to acquire, reconstruct and view CT images without the use of potentially harmful x-rays.

Interactive Learning

Developed specifically to enhance student learning, DeskCAT™ interactive learning activities are designed to empower students to become proficient in manipulating and analyzing medical images.

Lab Exercises

DeskCAT™ experimental modules are compatible with requirements set forth by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Educational Programs. Each unit comes with three beginner lab exercises with the option to purchase six additional lab exercises for intermediate- and advanced-level classes.

Multi-Slice Optical CT Scanner

Operating without the use of potentially harmful x-rays, the portable DeskCAT™ scanner is the ideal classroom or laboratory apparatus to safely acquire, reconstruct and view 3D CT images.

Variety of Phantoms

Students explore the geometry of medical imaging by reconstructing phantoms in order to understand fundamental concepts in Computed Tomography (CT). DeskCAT™ lab exercises come pre-packaged with a variety of phantoms and DeskCAT™ lab exercises come pre-packaged with a variety of phantoms. You can also create your own unique, custom phantoms and lab exercises.

20 Hours of Lab Content

Developed by Modus Medical Devices Inc. in collaboration with imaging and educational experts, DeskCAT™ lab materials provide 20 hours of comprehensive, hands-on training with clear indication that students meet educational goals.

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