NEW – QUASAR™ MRgRT Insight Phantom

Capture a deep understanding of your MRgRT system’s performance by incorporating the efficient and comprehensive MRgRT Insight phantom as part of a thorough QA program. 

The QUASAR™ MRgRT Insight Phantom is an all-in-one phantom designed for treatment planning and delivery quality assurance for cutting-edge MR-SIM and MR-LINAC systems.   

This large Field of View phantom fulfills geometric distortion, image quality and targeting testing recommendations prescribed by AAPM TG284 and the Elekta Consortium on Machine QA for the Elekta Unity. The MRgRT Insight eliminates the need for several ad-hoc, task-specific devices in place of a single, comprehensive, multi-purpose phantom.  

The versatile design facilitates quick Daily QA procedures and automated image quality results.   Built-in features and optional accessories expand the functionality of the phantom to perform thorough testing including: 

Uniformity, spatial resolution, slice thickness, geometric distortion, phased-array SNR, large FOV B0 assessment, laser and patient table positioning accuracy, imaging/laser isocenter agreement, MV/MR coincidence QA and end-to-end dosimetry. Automated image quality analysis software empowers the MRgRT Insight to provide a view into your system and monitor performance of key functional components. 

  • Specifications

    • Physical Dimensions (upright): 426 mm (radius) x 58 mm (thickness) 172 mm (support plate width)
    • Physical Dimensions (base): 510 mm x 380 mm
    • Weight (upright): 7.4 kg
    • Weight (base): 9.1 kg
    • Phantom Material: Acrylic
    • Contrast Medium: Mineral Oil T1 ~= 300ms @1.5T
    • Imaging Dimensions (upright): 400 mm (radius) x 18 mm (depth)
    • Imaging Dimensions (base): 400 mm (RL) x 500 mm (SI) x 12 mm (AP)
    • Height Adjustment Range (base): 38 mm
  • Minimum Technical Requirements

    • Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 or higher
    • Processor: Intel Core™ i7 or better
    • Hard Disk Space: 10 GB minimum (64-bit)
    • RAM: 8 gigabyte (GB) or more
    • Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
    • Graphics Card: Intel HD Integrated Graphics or Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 or better
  • Included Accessories

    • Laser Alignment Target (500-3710)
  • Optional Accessories

    • Indexing Accessory (500-3730)
    • ViewRay MRIdian Phased-Array Coil Bridge (500-3750)
    • Film Cassette Insert (500-3705)
    • Single Ion Chamber Holder (500-3720)
    • Dual Ion Chamber Holder (500-3740)
    • MR/MV Targets (500-3712)
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Optimized Large FOV Design

The QUASAR™ MRgRT Insight’s large field of view (400mm) design enables efficient QA of the entire treatment field as prescribed by AAPM TG284. The system is designed for Radiation Therapy applications providing image quality and geometric distortion metrics within a single comprehensive scan as opposed to repeated repositioning and scanning of small FOV phantoms.

Comprehensive Testing

Sophisticated phantom design allows physicists to perform a wide range of quality assurance tests ranging from daily QA to annual QC procedures, with repeatability and confidence. Unique set of testing features include: laser landmark targets, large uniform flood field, geometric distortion grid, phantom alignment channels, spatial resolution structures and slice thickness ramps. Adjustable upright and base orientations extend functionality by increasing testing capability across axial, sagittal, and coronal configurations.

Workflow Efficiency

Improve QA workflow by replacing inefficient small FOV phantoms that require repositioning and extended scanning sessions with the single, comprehensive and efficient QUASAR™ MRgRT Insight Phantom. Complete all major testing of daily or periodic QA with one 5-minute acquisition. Additional indexing alignment bar accessory eases set-up and further accelerates workflow.


In addition to monitoring image quality metrics on your MRgRT imaging systems, additional RT accessories expand the phantom to verify isocenter coincidence and End-to-End treatment delivery QA on your MR-LINAC. Available Ion chamber holders, MR/MV targets, and large film cassette accessories expand the robust capabilities of the MRgRT Insight Phantom.


The QUASAR™ MRgRT Insight software application is designed to improve workflow efficiency for MR medical physicists and to provide a view into the overall performance of their MR systems. Software features such as an intuitive pass/warn/fail mode, automated image analysis and performance metric calculations allow users to efficiently evaluate system performance and create trending data to help monitor any deviations. Manual analysis tools add the ability to further investigate results and independently calculate metrics.

Pass/Warn/Fail Mode

Intuitive pass/warn/fail mode further streamlines daily and periodic QA processes. Incorporating a simple pass, warn and fail interface with customizable tolerances, physicists can evaluate and understand their MR system’s metrics in mere minutes. This feature provides a quick triage of MR performance before significant time is invested in intensive QA procedures.

Image Quality Analysis and Trending

Use automated software to rapidly calculate image quality metrics and monitor the performance of your MR system within minutes. Statistics include: large FOV Geometric Distortion analysis and Image Quality metrics including Uniformity, Slice Thickness, Spatial Resolution and Phased array SNR. User-adjustable ROIs extend functionality for additional MR system QA. Trending features allow you to monitor system performance over time and trigger investigations when interventions may be required.

Geometric Distortion

The QUASAR™ MRgRT Insight software provides the ability to automatically quantify and report geometric distortion of your MRgRT system. Evaluate and visualize 2D DVFs of the large 40cm FOV distortion grid with high resolution and accuracy. Distortion can be evaluated in all 3 planes by rotating the upright section or making use of the baseplate distortion features.

Interactive Visualization Tool

Advanced 2D/3D visualization viewer provides users a clear visual representation of system performance. Multiple real-time analysis tools provide a variety of ways to further investigate the analysis results, including the ability to create line profiles and histograms of user-specified ROIs.

Reporting Feature

MRgRT Insight software improves clinical workflow by creating custom reports of performed QA procedures and results. Easily communicate testing information to the Physics QA Team or backup and store for auditing purposes.