QUASAR™ Multi-Purpose Body Phantom

Designed to fulfill treatment planning and delivery testing requirements as prescribed by the following guidelines: AAPM TG 53/66, IAEA TRS-430, TECDOC-1540/1583/1588, IEC 62083

A flexible QA tool designed to perform both dosimetric and non-dosimetric tests on radiation therapy systems, the QUASAR™ Multi-Purpose Body Phantom incorporates a wide variety of test objects in a solid acrylic housing. Designed to perform End to End QA on Simulation, Treatment Planning and Treatment Delivery Systems, the Multi-Purpose Body Phantom is a comprehensive solution for today’s physicist.

Modus QA offers forward compatibility with the option to add motion capabilities to the Multi-Purpose Body Phantom with the addition of a QUASAR™ Respiratory Motion Assembly or QUASAR™ Respiratory Motion Platform.

  • Specifications

    • Body Oval; 30 cm wide, 20 cm high, 12 cm long, acrylic, 6 kg
    • 3 openings in Body Oval for Cylindrical Inserts, each opening is 8 cm diameter
    • 6 openings & rods for Ion Chamber measurements, 2 cm diameter
    • Electron density extension, 12 cm diameter with 5 openings at 3 cm diameter
    • Laser & light field alignment marks
    • Materials: acrylic, Delrin, polyethylene, epoxy resin (Electron Density rods), rubber
    • User’s Guide with Quality Assurance Worksheets
    • Optional Storage Container for shipping and handling
  • Optional Motion Assembly Specifications

    • Drive unit; 20 cm long, 15 cm wide, 12 cm high, 5 kg, acrylic in field of view
    • Respiratory Phantom mass; approximately 14 kg with Body Oval and all options
    • Power Supply; Input, 100–240VAC, 47–63 Hz, International power cords available on request. Output, 24VDC, 2.1 A, 50 W. Approvals; CE, cUL
  • 100-1004: QUASAR™ Multi-Purpose Body Phantom

  • Optional Inserts

    • 500-3100: Additional Acrylic Ion Chamber Holder
    • 500-3175: Polystyrene Dummy Ion Chamber
    • 500-3189: Spatial Resolution/Slice Profile Insert
    • 500-3190: B10 Bone Rod with 5mm Titanium Insert
    • 500-3195: Cedar Ion Chamber Holder
    • 500-3185: MOSFET Holder
    • 500-3322: Adapter for QUASAR™ Respiratory Motion Inserts
  • Optional Accessories

    • 100-1012: QUASAR™ Respiratory Motion Assembly
    • 500-3330: QUASAR™ Respiratory Motion Rotation Stage
    • 500-2001: Heavy-duty Shipping Case 5kg (Phantom)
    • 500-2004: Heavy-duty Shipping Case 5kg (Assembly)
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Comprehensive Testing

Equipped with valuable tools for comprehensive quality assurance within radiation therapy, including image quality, contouring accuracy, CT spatial accuracy, TPS tissue density corrections and dose delivery.


Designed for simple interchangeability of inserts which enables measurements in various locations of the phantom as prescribed by Radiation Therapy testing authorities. Validate a broad range of applications with the adaptable QUASAR™ Multi-Purpose Body Phantom.


Perform cross-system verification on all x-ray-based systems designed to deliver IMRT, IGRT, VMAT, SRS and Tomotherapy.


Easily converts to an IGRT motion phantom with the addition of the QUASAR™ Respiratory Motion Assembly or the QUASAR™ Motion Platform.

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