QUASAR™ Winston-Lutz Wand Phantom

Identify the LINAC’s true Isocenter. Precisely adjust all three axes using the XYZ micrometer assembly.

The QUASAR™ Winston-Lutz Wand is used to identify the LINAC’s true isocenter. Each axis can be precisely adjusted using the XYZ micrometer assembly. Used in conjunction with the MV/KV Beam and portal imager, the QUASAR™ Winston-Lutz Wand is used to identify the true radiation isocenter of the linear accelerator with submillimeter accuracy.


Accuracy and Precision

The primary advantage that the QUASAR™ Winston-Lutz Wand has over similar products is that all three axes can be accurately adjusted using the built-in micrometers. This allows the user to place the phantom precisely at the radiological isocenter for accurate adjustments.

Alignment Confidence

Achieve submillimeter agreement between the true radiological isocenter and room lasers. While similar options are included with some SRS/SBRT packages, the QUASAR™ Winston-Lutz Wand is an economical alternative for those wishing to achieve high accuracy without the expense of purchasing an SRS package.

Intuitive Design

7/16” (11.1125 mm) Steel BB embedded in acrylic wand, providing sub-millimeter accuracy. XYZ Micro Stage enables simple adjustment for positioning the wand in three dimensions, and a counterbalanced stand provides ease of use and placement on the treatment couch.


Verify MV and KV imaging alignment with an intuitive process to ensure true isocentre and room laser coincidence. Compatible with LINACs and EPIDs from multiple vendors with easy attachment to the treatment couch.

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