ClearView™ 3D Dosimeter

ClearView™ is a non-diffusing, radiochromic hydrogel dosimeter designed for verification of advanced radiation therapy techniques including SRS. Visualizing the intricate detail of complex dose distributions and multiple lesion dosimetry, ClearView™ aids users in confirming planned treatments are delivered accurately.

Principles of radiochromic 3D dosimetry are analogous to film (2D) dosimetry. Dose scaling with ClearView™ is achieved by using a reference dose delivery in the same dosimeter or irradiation of another dosimeter from the same manufacturing batch.

ClearView™ is intended to be used as part of an integrated 3D dosimetry system which includes an optical CT scanner such as Vista™ 16, and analysis software, Vista ACE™ (in development).



ClearView™ is optically clear, low scattering, and colourless. It contains a radiochromic indicator dye which turns purple after irradiation. The change in optical attenuation of the gel is directly proportional to the absorbed radiation dose enabling the visualization of dose distributions.


Providing utility within clinical and research settings, ClearView™ chemistry is stable for over 60 days prior to irradiation under recommended storage conditions. The signal is geometrically stable at any time after irradiation.

Linear Response

SRS applications require a high dose response dosimeter. ClearView™ dose response is linear within a range of zero to 80 Gy, creating an ideal solution for advanced radiation therapy delivery.

High Resolution

True 3D dosimetry is achievable with ClearView™. Unlike diode arrays that interpolate dose data between detectors, ClearView™ gel is geometrically accurate to a sub-micron level, giving you a high spatial resolution 3D representation of a patient’s specific treatment plan.

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