Vista™ 16 Optical CT Scanner for 3D Dosimetry

Vista™ 16 is a high-resolution optical CT scanner used to process 3D dosimeters, including radiochromic gels and solids. With the use of Clearview™ gel and Vista™ ACE processing software (in development), physicists will have a complete, true 3D dosimetry solution.

Vista™ 16 reconstructs a 3D map of optical attenuation coefficients within an object suspended in the scanner’s region of interest. This is done by capturing a series of 2D optical projections through the region of interest while the object is rotated. The 3D map is then constructed using Feldkamp-filtered back projection.

The system is designed to work with radiochromic 3D dosimeters such as ClearView™ which have an absorption peak at 590 nm. Various wavelengths are available upon request for different dosimeters and applications.

Vista™ 16 is capable of scanning objects up to 15 cm diameter by 12 cm long. Isotropic voxel sizes of 0.25 mm are achievable, providing high-resolution, true 3D dose data. VistaScan™ software is included for scanning, reconstruction and display. Data is fully accessible for treatment plan verification and research applications.

  • Specifications

    • Aquarium: Glass/Aluminum
    • Region of Interest: Up to 15 cm diameter x 12 cm long
    • Enclosure (WxLxH): 35 cm x 165 cm x 48 cm (including cabinet containing motor)
    • Electrical – 24V DC, 2.1A ; 120 – 240 V AC medical grade switching power supply provided
  • Minimum Technical Requirements

    • Operating System: Windows 7, 10
    • Processor: i7, 2 GHz or better
    • RAM: 4GB or more
    • Graphics Card: 512 MB or better with OpenGL 2.1
    • Peripheral Connectivity: USB 3.0
  • 100-2016: Vista™ 16 Cone Beam Optical CT Scanner, includes:

    • Scanner
    • Software
    • User's Guide
    • Aquarium for index of refraction matching liquid
    • Wavelength 530nm (other wavelengths available on request)
    • 15 cm Rotary Stage
    • 5 Polyethylene terephthalate jars (15cm diameter) Other Rotary Stage and Jar sizes available on request
  • Optional Accessories

    • 500-1067: Annual Service & Software Support
    • 500-1016: Aquarium (For Index of Refraction Matching)
    • 500-1045: Additional Light Source (Wavelength to be confirmed prior to ordering)
    • 500-1072: 10 cm Rotary Stage
    • 500-1073: Dovetail Rotary Stage and Jar Clamp for Smaller Jars
    • 500-1074: Jar Clamp for Smaller jars
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Low Stray Light

Convergent light source improves accuracy and precision of image data reconstruction.


Acquisition, reconstruction and display of optical CT images in approximately five minutes.

Workflow Efficiency

Simple on-screen controls and straightforward workflow make for an intuitive 3D dosimeter analysis solution.


Different light sources (wavelengths) are available upon request for optimization with various dosimeters. Easily swap the liquid-filled aquarium for different index of refraction matching liquids.


The included VistaScan™ software is used for scanner control, image reconstruction and display. Adjust scan settings such as alignment, exposure, shutter speed, and calibration parameters in real time. Data is fully accessible for treatment plan verification and research applications.

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