Introducing – QUASAR™ Motion MR Platform

Meet the world’s first large-scale MR-safe motion platform: the QUASAR™ Motion MR, engineered for a smarter, more accurate tomorrow in MRgRT.

Understanding the impact of motion is pivotal in optimizing advanced radiation therapy outcomes. With the new QUASAR™ Motion MR Platform, you can experience the next generation of motion-guided quality assurance within MR imaging workflows.

The platform’s programmable motion simulation capability prepares you for a wide range of patient-specific QA scenarios, particularly in evaluating the impact of motion on MR targeting, image quality, and radiation therapy treatment accuracy.

It is engineered to guide you through the dynamic interplay between motion and therapy, ensuring optimal patient outcomes.

One of the key features of this MR platform is its ability to seamlessly move a variety of stationary phantoms or testing objects, providing flexibility and ease of simulation.

Whether you prioritize MR compatibility, user-defined motion control, adaptability, or focus on precision, the QUASAR™ MR Platform equips you for futuristic testing in response to evolving clinical demands.


Key Features

  • The first MR-safe, large-scale motion platform.
  • A reliable motion QA tool for testing the most advanced planning and treatment systems, including MR, SGRT, Gating, and CT.
  • Versatile: compatible with any stationary phantom, including Image Quality Phantoms, MR Dosimetry arrays, and large film phantoms.
  • Supplied with intuitive software.
  • Completely programmable using supplied motion software.
  • The phantom supports analog signal input and output for latency measurements and other third-party devices.
  • Motion Range

    • 4 cm using standard waveform (+/-2cm)
    • 3 cm using oscillation mode (complex waveform (+/- 1.5cm)
  • Load Capacity

    • 45kg/99lbs *Load capacity dependent on waveform
  • Max Frequency

    • 60 BPM *Max Frequency dependent on load
  • Accuracy

    • 0.25 mm *Accuracy dependent on waveform and load
  • Length

    • 87.6cm (34.5 inches)
  • Width

    • 35cm (13.78 inches)
  • Mass/Weight

    • 12 kg/26 lbs.
  • Surrogate

    • Included Chest wall Surrogate operates at 1:4 ratio of linear translation of platform. Utility with SGRT, Gating and CT based systems.
  • Surrogate Mass capacity

    • 1kg / 2.2lbs
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