Introducing – QUASAR™ Motion MR Platform

Understanding the impact of motion is pivotal in optimizing advanced radiation therapy outcomes. Meet the new QUASAR™ Motion MR Platform, a first of its kind tool, designed to bring motion MR QA to your advanced imaging systems. Being fully MR-safe, the platform is capable of providing motion QA within your MR
driven workflows. Capable of inducing up to 4cm motion at 60 BPM to any stationary phantoms weighing up to 45kg/100lbs*, the platform is setting a new standard in motion management. Remarkably versatile across all imaging platforms, it empowers you to conduct a thorough end-to-end verification of your motion management workflows.

*Performance dependent on selected mass and waveform.

  • Motion Range

    • 4 cm using standard waveform (+/-2cm)
    • 3 cm using oscillation mode (complex waveform (+/- 1.5cm)
  • Load Capacity

    • 45kg/99lbs *Load capacity dependent on waveform
  • Max Frequency

    • 60 BPM *Max Frequency dependent on load
  • Accuracy

    • 0.25 mm *Accuracy dependent on waveform and load
  • Length

    • 87.6cm (34.5 inches)
  • Width

    • 35cm (13.78 inches)
  • Mass/Weight

    • 12 kg/26 lbs.
  • Surrogate

    • Included Chest wall Surrogate operates at 1:4 ratio of linear translation of platform. Utility with SGRT, Gating and CT based systems.
  • Surrogate Mass capacity

    • 1kg / 2.2lbs
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Featuring a large platform surface of 48.5 cm x 31 cm and accommodating up to 45 kg (100 lbs), the QUASAR™ Motion MR Platform is designed to seamlessly incorporate motion into a wide range of industry-leading large-scale phantoms. This includes compatibility with prominent models such as the Scandidos Delta 4 MR+ and other dosimetry arrays.

MR Performance

The QUASAR™ Motion MR Platform boasts industry-leading motion performance without compromising MR image quality. With an advanced piezoelectric drive system and RF shielded components, it is meticulously designed to preserve image fidelity.


The QUASAR™ Motion MR Platform is 100% MR Safe, enabling seamless utilization across various imaging platforms such as MR, CT, CBCT, PT, and PET. Its integrated AP/PA surrogate platform facilitates testing for SGRT and respiratory trigger components. With analogue signal input and output capabilities, the MR Platform is well-suited for testing beam latency parameters and other advanced harmonized functions.

Motion Precision

The phantom exhibits detailed sensitivity when replicating captured or created waveforms. A highly responsive motor repositions the translation stage every 10 ms (100x per second) providing real-life breathing replication. Waveforms from 0-60BPM are easily replicated with sub-millimeter accuracy, allowing for the testing of a large range of clinical protocols. (Performance dependent on mass and waveform combination)


The intuitive programmable respiratory motion QA software is included with QUASAR™ Motion MR Platform. This locally-installed package enables the control of the phantom’s motion and customization of supplied and imported motion waveforms. An incorporated Deep Inspiration Breath Hold Function increases workflow efficiency for users to test DIBH protocols

Complex Motion Control Options

The MR Platform offers full control of your phantom’s motion profile. Our Respiratory Motion QA Software offers multiple operation modes to increase utility. From adjustable sinusoidal waveforms and simple test patterns to accurate playback of complex waveforms, the platform offers the flexibility to choose your motion complexity for your required testing sequence.

Customizable Waveforms

In addition to an extensive library of pre-loaded waveforms, the Respiratory Motion QA Software enables the import of acquired waveforms from a number of respiratory gating and motion tracking systems. The waveforms are completely customizable, improving the user experience when modifying waveform patternsto achieve the desired testing protocol.