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CRM NewSimulate Patient Breathing within the ArcCHECK®

The programmable QUASAR™ Cylindrical Respiratory Motion Phantom is designed to enable dosimetric and non-dosimetric measurements on a moving or stationary test object located inside the ArcCHECK® cylindrical diode array made by Sun Nuclear Corporation.

Interchangeable inserts are available for multiple testing applications including film and ion chamber dosimetry. Inserts can be rotated as they are translated to provide a more complex 3D path.

Motion profiles are programmable and operate in the superior / inferior direction. A chest wall platform is provided which is compatible with motion tracking systems from several different vendors.


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Learn why the new QUASAR™ Cylindrical Respiratory Motion Phantom is a viable option for Patient-Specific QA of respiratory gated VMAT radiation treatments in a single delivery.


Key Features

Key Features

  • Operate the phantom directly from a PC or laptop
  • Simulate patient breathing inside a cylindrical diode array
  • Interchangeable inserts for multiple testing applications
  • Features a large 10 cm diameter cavity for versatile inserts
  • An optional 8 cm diameter adapter is available for smaller inserts
  • Works with a number of LINACS and motion tracking systems
  • Includes an unlimited multiple site software license


  • Communicate with phantom through local area network
  • Requires no additional programming or customization
  • Ability to rotate inserts as they translate to create 3D motion
  • Supports a wide range of ion chamber and film dosimetry options
  • Works with QUASAR™ Respiratory Motion Phantom 8 cm diameter inserts
  • Compatible with third party waveforms including; .VXP, .CSV, .TXT, .DCM, .LOG, .DAF, .IMA
  • Install the software on an unlimited number of computers at all official sites

The QUASAR™ Cylindrical Respiratory Motion Phantom can run with or without a computer and is suitable for QA of most external beam installations including 3D conformal radiation therapy and intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) systems. It can also be used to test imaging systems including x-ray CT, PET and SPECT.

Features three Modes of Operation:
  1. Oscillation Mode – in which motion is under software control and motion profiles are programmable
  2. Rotation Mode – in which motion is under software or local control and motion profiles are sinusoidal
  3. Position Mode – in which the position of the Translation Stage is under software or local control

Patient-Specific Software

The QUASAR™ Cylindrical Respiratory Motion Phantom uses the same software as the QUASAR™ Respiratory Motion Phantom to display, edit, and run waveforms. Waveforms are created in the application or imported from a number of machines including Varian RPM, Anzai, Cyberknife, Philips, Respisens, and Siemens as well as tab delimited spreadsheet files. The software application runs on desktop or laptop computers and is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

With the QUASAR™ Respiratory Motion Phantom Software application you can import, create, edit and save respiratory waveforms. Edit functions include adjusting the amplitude, stretching or compressing the timeline and filtering out high frequency noise, low frequency drift and cardiac signals.


Software Capability Highlights

  • Import patient-specific waveforms
  • Create custom waveforms
  • Edit patient-specific & custom waveforms
  • Adjust the amplitude, stretching or compressing the timeline
  • Filter out high frequency noise, low frequency drift and cardiac signals

The most versatile ArcCHECK® cavity insert

Measure dose your way using the precision fitted to ArcCHECK® cavity insert to evaluate the dosimetric impact of a stationary or moving target in over 25 unique locations including the isocenter.


  • Programmable Drive Unit
  • Programmable Respiratory Motion Software CD
  • Sample patient waveform files
  • Removable Motion Sleeve
  • Gafchromic film cassette
  • Ion chamber holder– for NE 2571 Farmer type 0.60cc chamber or equivalent
  • Acrylic Spacers
  • Chest Wall Platform
  • “CAT5e” Ethernet Cable
  • Crossover Cable Adapter
  • Power supply
  • Container for storage and handling
  • User’s Guide

Interchangeable Inserts to Increase QA Test Capabilities

Modus offers a series of acrylic and cedar (lung density) inserts for ion chamber and film (Gafchromic) dosimetry. Options are available for MOSFETs, nanoDot™, gel dosimeters and other radiation detectors. Cedar inserts with polystyrene tumour targets are split for film or drilled for ion chambers.

The nanoDOT is a registered trademark of LANDAUER, Inc. All rights reserved.

Adding Motion QA to the ArcCHECK®

Using patient specific respiratory waveforms to simulate patient breathing inside the ArchCHECK's central cavity.

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to get a first-hand look at the new QUASAR™ Cylindrical Respiratory Motion Phantom.


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